Brooks C17s Natural

Brooks C17s Natural

  • 5,000.00 ฿

Brooks Cambium is a new generation of saddles that offer unique flexibility to the racing man or woman searching for a means to enhance their performance.

Top riders know that comfort is crucial to success, and that a small weight saving does not compare to the comfort needed for performance efficiency. Brooks Cambium saddles answer this demand, offering a natural feel and flexibility unlike any foam or gel saddles on the market.

The Cambium’s vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton top offers extraordinary comfort and exceptional freedom of movement essential to the performance and endurance racer.
The entire surface of the Cambium top moves and flows naturally with the movement of the rider for better pedalling and control.

The hard-wearing top, die-cast aluminium structure, and tubular steel rails allow the Cambium to stand up to many years of hard use, something which will be appreciated by racers of all disciplines.

Furthermore, a distinct dampening effect is delivered by the classic Brooks “hammock” construction, reducing road vibrations and keeping the rider comfortably in the saddle. This combination multiplies the performance advantage over long distance, producing unparalleled comfort
after kilometre 60, 100, 160, and beyond.

1200 KM

‘Right away the C17 felt more comfortable than any Saddle I’ve tried before...
I had absolutely zero sitting problems completing the Silk Road 1200km in October 2014’

Manuel Jekel, Editor TOUR Magazine

CAMBIUM rear view


‘Zero bulls**t, hard-wearing and solid.
Once I find a saddle that I like, I stick to it’

Angus Edmond, UCI World Cyclocross Tour Racer (Team New Zealand/ Malteni)

CAMBIUM top view


‘Being seated comfortably effects the whole way you ride your bike, for example your position. Lack of comfort will effect your performance in a negative way.
The Cambium is practical, comfy, and easy to fit’

Janine Jackson (Team Desgena IT)

CAMBIUM side view>


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