Spank Oozy EVO 26AL 29"Rims

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ใช้วัสดุ MGR Dynamal Alloy พัฒนาโดย Spank

ใช้กับดิสเบรคได้ (Disc Specific)
ขนาด 29 นิ้ว (29") 
32 รูป (32H)

วาล์ว แบบ presta F/V 

ERD:  597 (29")


Our unique patented Oohbah™ profile with inverted tube well, increases rigidity immensely compared with rims currently available. Additionally the Oohbah™ allows us to optimize the design and drastically reduce weight to offer the toughest performance hoops in their price to weight ranges. The sectional profile is super rigid, while the BeadNip™ ensures that the tire remains in the beadseat, even while riding at minimal tire pressure the nip also reduced snake bites.

The Perfect All Mountain or Aggressive XC Solution


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